Who am I?

Professionally, I am a Physicist who focuses on light and lasers for my research. I have a PhD in Physics and I have worked both in industry doing laboratory work and as a professor teaching all levels of undergraduate college Physics. My main research interests are in effective methods of teaching Physics and in most areas of Optics. I have worked on a variety of Optics projects ranging from high power lasers to imaging optical fibers and I enjoy learning about all thing related to light. On the teaching side, I am interested in anything that helps and motivates my students to learn, but have concentrated mainly on peer instruction in lecture classes and as many hands-on demonstrations in my upper level classes as I can fit into a semester (and afford the equipment for). I am also a woman Physicist, of which there are still far too few, and am interested in the topic of women in science, but I will leave that to the other many excellent bloggers out there and not discuss that (except perhaps rarely) in this blog.

On the personal side, I am married with a young daughter. I recently resigned my professional job to care for her, and that takes up all of my time these days. I like to bake and knit when I get the chance, enjoy yoga, and love to travel around the world whenever the opportunity presents itself, although the travel (along with most other things) will be limited until our daughter is a bit older.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi LaserMom,
    Now I know why Laser Mom is often taken – you are way ahead of me. Actually, I’m a Laser Grandma so your comments on women in physics are of particular interest- the numbers haven’t changed all that much in 40 years, except it’s probably no longer PC to hang up the latest Playboy centerfold with the young female engineer’s name on it.
    I’ll be at FiO too- look for the gray haired lady.

  2. I really enjoyed your April research findings. Although I’m a EE (now doing IT), I always loved my physics classes and the physics professors were more “with it” than the chem profs. I was actually looking for spectrograph information for research I’m doing regarding electronic technology and eye health for a whitepaper. Thanks and keep those charts a-comin’!

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