I am a physicist who has recently switched my focus from teaching physics and research in optics to studying the growth and development of my newborn daughter.

This is a blog about everyday Physics, which will mostly be the Physics of babies. I am always trying to find examples of Physics in everyday life and am frequently distracted by wanting to measure, calculate, and understand how things work. My daughter fascinates me and teaches me new things about the world every day. There is so much interesting Physics in everything she does. This blog is an opportunity for me to explore these topics.


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  1. Hi, Laser Mom! Stumbled on your great site and am wondering if you solved your nightlight mystery? In case you didn’t, the answer is that the silicon photodector in the nightlight has much more infrared sensitivity than your eyes or the camera used to take pictures of the spectra. So, the nightlight shuts off when illuminated by high levels of infrared. Filtering the detector to eliminate IR would add cost and decrease the over-all sensitivity. By the way, the silicon chips in digital cameras are also sensitive to infrared and must have infrared-blocking filters applied so that colors come out correct.

    – From a retired electronics engineer / color TV expert

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